Fun things to selfhost

Self hosting is a great way to stop relying on third party, cloud-based services. The primary perks are that you get to own your data, and you get more control over how you use your computer. Whether you want to host your own alternative to Dropbox, Spotify, or Netflix, there is a program for it. You are only limited by your imagination. To learn more, the reddit community r/selfhosted has tons of helpful resources to help you get started on your selfhosted journey. In this post though, I will be listing some of my favorite things to selfhost. Some provide utility, and some are just plain fun :)


Pihole is a network-wide adblocker. You give it a list of domains to block (you can use premade blocklists) and then it keeps those domains from ever being resolved. Not only does it block ads, but trackers and telemetry as well. Because websites aren't sending as much data for ads, they won't take as long to load, which is yet another benefit of using Pihole.

Transmission with Flood UI

Transmission is a torrent client that you can use on a server to function as a seedbox. The idea being that you can seed torrents 24/7. With Flood UI that comes bundled with the specific docker container I used provides an elegant user experience. Great for torrenting your favorite opend source projects! ;)


Librespeed is a useful program that lets you measure the bandwidth between your device and your router. It can also measure the speed of your actual internet. Librespeed isn't anything fancy, but a useful program to host nonetheless.


OpenMediaVault is a software you can use to manage your NAS (network-attached storage, so basically a personal Dropbox/Google Drive). You can create and manage Samba and NFS shares, check on drive health, and much more with the help of plugins.


Jellyfin is basically your very own Netflix, and is probably one of the most refined pieces of software on this list. Jellyfin is a media server, where you give it your movie and TV show files, and you can then watch it from any device within your network. Jellyfin fetches metadata from several online databases, so that chapters, cover art, and tags are all automatically there. The other benefit of Jellyfin is its wide range of clients, so that no matter what device you are on, you can watch your movies. Combine Jellyfin with a selfhosted Wireguard VPN, and you can even watch away from home.


As Jellyfin is to a personal Netflix, Navidrome is to a personal Spotify. It has a great web UI, all of the funcionality you would expect, including metadata fetching like in Jellyfin