Pihole and Wireguard - A Perfect Pairing

A few months ago, I had finally set up my RasperryPi to run Pihole. Pihole, if you don't know, is a network-wide ad/tracker blocking software. It is much more efficient than browser ad blockers because it is one piece of software that runs on one device, but blocks ads for ALL devices on the network. Additionally, it blocks trackers that aren't necessarily in your browser, such as OS telemetry. However, Pihole has a flaw. It only works when your device is connected to the same network. That may not be a problem for a desktop, but many of us also use our phones for consooming on the go using cellular data.

*enter Wireguard*

Wireguard is considered to be the fastest and most secure VPN protocols out there. Note that it is a protocol, not a provider, so anyone can set up a Wireguard server. By hosting a Wireguard server on your Raspberry Pi that you already have, you can connect to your home network from any place with an internet connection. That means accessing Pihole's services, as well as any other self-hosted services you have set up, such a NAS.

Now that may all sound very complicated, but it really isn't. Pihole has an easy-to-use installation wizard that will walk you through all the installation steps and so does Wireguard in the form of PiVPN. There are many great guides on the internet for both of these programs. Also, you do not even need the most expensive Raspberry Pi to run these, as they are both very light on system and network resources. Enjoy!

Official Pihole Webpage

Official PiVPN Webpage

Official Wireguard Webpage