Linux Learning Resources

Arch Wiki -
The Arch Linux wiki is a fantastic resource for any Linux user, not just Arch users. It provides documentation on just about anything you would want to do or install on your system.

Linux Journey -
This website will get you familiar with the linux command line. It also provides an overview about how Linux works under the hood, as well as an interesting section on general networking.

Phoronix -
Stay updated on the latest Linux software and hardware news.

History of Linux -
An overview on the Linux origin story.

Linux Tutorial for Beginners -
A tutorial on how Linux works: command line, files, man pages, permissionsu, scripting, and more.

LearnLinuxTV -
A channel dedicated to learning about Linux and IT. High quality and informative.

The Linux Command Line -
A 555-page book on the command line basics and advanced shell scripting.

Easy Linux Tips Project -
A website explaining how to install Linux (and then optimize it), requiring little to none prerequisite knowledge. -
Type any Linux command and have it broken down into its pieces and thoroughly explained.

Debian Wiki -
A great resource for any Debian user.

Gentoo Wiki -
A must read for any Gentoo user, especially the installation handbook.

Beginner's Guide to Bash Terminal (video) -
Similar topic to other command line tutorials, but in video format.

It's FOSS -
Linux desktop related articles and tutorials.

nixCraft Forum -
Linux/Unix forum with a helpful and passionate community.

nixCraft Blog -
Informative blog about Linux, sysadmin, and open source.

Greg's Wiki - BASH Guide -
An in-depth guide on BASH scripting.

Installing Linux in Virtualbox (It's FOSS) -
A guide for Windows users who want to try Linux without having mess with partitioning their drive.

How to create a bootable Linux USB flash drive - How to Geek - Bootable USB
A guide for Windows users who want to test drive Linux.

5 Best Linux Distros to Learn Linux -
A list of some beginner friendly Linux distributions aimed at beginners. Best not to overthink it and just choose one :)